The Seriously Cool Gifts that Aussie Designer Tali Roth is Buying for the Holidays

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Between the corporate holiday parties and seemingly endless family get-togethers, the holidays leave little time for actually preparing for the holidays. To spare you from battling the masses on the last-minute gift hunt for something, well, average, we’ve collaborated with a few of our all-time favorite interior designers to give you the coolest gift ideas for everyone, from your stylish best friend to your chic co-worker. Dwelling Collective asked these designers to share their top gift picks, and boy are they good. These gifts scream “I’ve been thinking about this all year”. Don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret. 

An Aussie designer living in New York City with a background in fashion design is someone we’d trust our home (and our holiday shopping) to. Meet Tali Roth, bombshell designer with a tasteful touch of artful whimsy.

Tali’s work boasts a sophisticated contemporary feel, and her attention to detail is out of this world. She has an affinity for form and shape, so weren’t surprised to see her gift selections possess similar attributes. If you want to impress your loved ones this year, you’ll follow Tali’s advice and shop from her sophisticated gift picks.

Her picks are at once earthy and urban, and we want them all. The combination of stone accents (think slick onyx, marble and resin) and a woodsy candle inspired by a nature reserve (we’re loving the tiny hint of patchouli) will fill your friends’ homes with Tali’s signature style and whit.

Read ahead for gifts handpicked by Tali herself.


Tangent Candleholder — $66


“Classic materials that have wide appeal and a decent price point. I love buying people decor; I think it’s meaningful coming from a designer; free good advice.”


Alyson Fox Footed Cast Iron Bowl - $40


“Everyone needs serving ware, and this little guy is so gorgeous and high-end but at a completely digestible price point. Great for when guests are arriving, fill it with olives or nuts.”


Matégot Coat Rack — $249


“Most people would never indulge in a coat hook like this. Its such a special piece and a real sculptural artwork.”


Female Form Vase — $16


“Often I bring flowers and it doesn't feel like quite enough. This is the perfect thing to purchase a few of and grab it for any hostess!”


Spitfire Girl Energy Lifting Incense Kit — $24


“As I mentioned above, sometimes you bring a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine and it feels slightly less than what you should bring! This energy lifting kit would be the perfect and hilarious accompaniment.”


Marble Menorah — $67


“I love this menorah. It’s perfect style and price point! I would bring it anywhere and everywhere.”


Allman Onyx Serving Board — $29


“I love amber, I love onyx. Use it as a jewelry tray or a serving dish.”


Kristin Texeira Art – Price Varies


“As an art admirer, it’s an amazing and special gift to receive an actual piece of art from a young American artist. Uprise Art is one of my favorite companies ever and they have so many options under $800. This artist, Kristin Texeira, is amazing and has so many little affordable pieces.”


Small Resin Rock Jug — $165


“I love giving people Australian gifts, it’s meaningful, and when it comes to Dinosaur Design, it’s pretty unusual and one of a kind!”


Maison Louis Marie Candle — $34


“These are my favorite candles at the moment and at a way better price point that many others of the same calibre.”