The Mid-Century Pieces You Haven’t Seen Yet


Feature photo by Emily Henderson and Tessa Neustadt.

Is it just us, or is “mid-century modern” feeling like the buzzword of the 2000’s? We can’t knock it — we know exactly why the look is so popular. The clean lines lend themselves to a sleek and unbelievably versatile look. When executed right, the look will have everyone thinking you spent way more on your space than you actually did. The popularity of this style has been on the rise for some time now and the “trend” isn’t going away anytime soon.

Aside from the simplicity and classic shapes seen in most mid-century furniture, the versatility of the look sets it apart. Decorating with this furniture allows room to play with different textures, colors and styles to achieve your own unique take on the classic look (just check some of your favorite designer’s Instagram feeds for proof). A mid-century sofa will never pigeon-hole you to one specific style.

Well, we have good news: the look is totally accessible for all of us. While you can easily shop the look at almost every major furniture and decor retailer, finding unique mid-century furniture is a much more difficult undertaking. For months, we’ve felt like all of the beautifully-tailored pieces that would give us that desired look were already scattered in everyone else’s homes. On the hunt for some mid-century furniture pieces that you haven’t already seen on everyone’s Instagram feeds? Here’s what you need.

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