These Brady Tolbert-Approved Gifts Are Exactly What Your Friends Didn’t Know they Wanted

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Photo: Tessa Neustadt


Between the corporate holiday parties and seemingly endless family get-togethers, the holidays leave little time for actually preparing for the holidays. To spare you from battling the masses on the last-minute gift hunt for something, well, average, we’ve collaborated with a few of our all-time favorite interior designers to give you the coolest gift ideas for everyone, from your stylish best friend to your chic co-worker. Dwelling Collective asked these designers to share their top gift picks, and boy are they good. These gifts scream “I’ve been thinking about this all year”. Don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret. 


Design darling, Brady Tolbert, has had our hearts for as long as we can remember. You might know Brady from his role as the creative director with style guru, Emily Henderson, or from his own personal work as a designer and prop stylist. His role as a creator is well-deserved and not surprising, considering he’s been creating since he was a kid. Brady tells us his father played a huge role in nurturing his creative spirit, engraining a “we can make this, figure this out, fix this” mentality in him at a young age. He jokes that his fascination and obsession with design is called “special” by some, and we think he’s special indeed.

Brady’s style is recognizable by his use of layers. “I am very much about layering textures, mixing styles and eras of furniture, and keeping things neutral and casual with some graphic pops to add contrast and drama,” he tells us. His designs are as jaw-dropping as they sound, which is why we were eager to hear what gifts he’d put his stamp of approval on.

His gentlemanly gift pics are the perfect curation for someone special in your own life, or for yourself (hey, we won’t judge). From a bespoke-looking set of dominos to a brass electric wine-opener, Brady’s picks will imbue any space with the perfect touch of masculinity and class.

Continue on to see what gifts Brady’s giving this year.


Cole Haan Men’s Brayton Backpack — $349


“Backpacks aren't just for grade schoolers. This leather option is something I've purchased before and would recommend in a heartbeat. It has pockets for just about everything you need to hold and the leather and brass details give the ‘traditional backpack’, a big upgrade from the one you sported to school.”


Black Stripe Leather Bowl — $45


“I've used this in a handful of shoots and they work in just about every room. They are all handmade by an artist in Colorado and make for such a good gift for anyone.”


Make-Your-Own Business Card Stamp — $45


“Every budding business owner needs a good looking business card. This custom version allows you to stamp on any paper which makes handing over your business card feel a little more personal and special.”


Limited Edition Stacked Leather Fort Standard Chair — $9,500


“It's not exactly affordable or practical but man do I want this leather chair somewhere in my home. Can I ask Santa for $10k to buy it?”


Leather Dominoes Set — $229


“I have yet to learn how to play dominos, but I would definitely take the game more seriously if this is what my dominos looked like.”


Sol Y Luna - Set of Leather-Wrapped Tools — $425


“If you haven't used tools with leather-wrapped handles then you haven't worked properly. I would give anything to hang a gallery wall with this hammer.”


Bobbie Becker Charcoal Vases — $180


“Everything at this store is pretty amazing and is all handmade by artisans but I've been specifically crushing on Bobbi Specker’s work. I'd love any of these vessels (or a full collection to be honest).”


Brass Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener — $99


“Everyone needs a way to open their wine, so at least make it a glamorous (and easy) process with this one. “


Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Instant Film Camera — $91


“In a world of iPhones constantly lacking enough storage, this option give you a chance to capture something in the moment and share it. I have one of these in my apartment as well as a large bowl full of all the polaroids we take when we have people over. It's a great way to start a conversation, and make a memory.”


Floating Record Vertical Turntable — $550


“One of my favorite things at the end of the day once I get home is to grab one of my records and play it on my record player while I wind down or finish up some work from home. My record player isn't quite as glamorous as this one, but I am pretty sure Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald deserve something as classy as this piece.”


Ripple Glassware Set — $100


“Even if you can't make a good drink, you should at least have good drink ware. Bonus points for the fact that they can stack, which makes them the perfect set to house on your open shelving or bar cart.”


PJ Set — $25 - $48


“I am not sure why it took me 30 years to figure out that PJ sets are an acceptable (and encouraged) thing to wear to bed, but you better bet I've already ordered this set in a few different colors. The top can also double as a daytime shirt which, yes, I would definitely also wear out in public with some jeans and a nice pair of shoes. Rule of thumb: if you can wear it to bed and wear it in public, then it is definitely worth the purchase.”

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