See How Creative Husband & Wife Duo Behind Atlas Supply Co Styled Their Brooklyn Apartment


It’s more common than ever to have a work-on-the-go lifestyle. Co-Creators of Atlas Supply CO., Jamie and Stephen, are self-proclaimed working nomads while parenting their two darling littles. Their fast-paced lives as parents and business owners begged for a multi-functional bag that accommodated their hectic lifestyle. They began with the idea of one bag, designed for creative professionals whose workplace is wherever they happen to be. No matter what your lifestyle requires, you’ll have a place for all of your gear in one very stylish leather backpack.

The young family recently relocated to New York, and turned their small Brooklyn apartment (which also happens to be Atlas Supply CO.’s headquarters) into a creative haven for their family (and you'll be able to spot their amazing leather products all over the apartment). We were able to steal a minute of the busy couple’s time to chat about how they transformed their classic Brooklyn rental into a dynamic living and work space, while getting some advice for those young, creative entrepreneurs like Jamie and Stephen, trying to do it all.


DC: No longer can you simply ask the question “what do you do” for a living? Most people wear many hats! What hats do you wear?

ASC: So true! Our biggest and most time consuming hat is our parent hat. Our daughter is seven and our son is two. We’re both stay at home parents and we work from home as owners of Atlas Supply CO. We’re constantly balancing hats while also performing a juggling act. You can also stack designer, photographer, entrepreneur, videographer, product creators, marketers, and web designers on top of those hats.


DC: Tell us how you started Atlas Supply CO., and how you got the idea of an everything-in-one bag.

ASC: We started Atlas Supply CO. in January 2017. Being parents, creatives, and working nomads, we were tired of having to bring along 2-3 different bags on every outing. So we decided to create our own bag that was a work, travel and diaper bag all in one product. Since launching in 2017, over 900 creative professionals are backpacking all over the world with an Atlas Backpack, including our kids, Sabrina and Charlie (rocking their own custom Atlas backpacks). Our idea is that you don’t have to be tied down to an office or even a time to work on the things you love.

DC:  We noticed your move to New York was pretty spontaneous. Why did you decide to move there?

ASC: When we get comfortable we tend to get antsy. We were living in southern California for a year and a half and had an itch to switch things up. Two months later we ended up selling all of our belongings, buying one-way tickets to New York and calling the East Coast our home. We wanted to pick somewhere that we didn’t have experience in; the unknown is something we were shooting for. We love all of the different people in New York. On any given walk to school we’ll hear five different languages and our daughter’s class is filled with people from all over the world. The Brooklyn Bridge out our window and a 100 year old carousel in our backyard is also a perk of NY!


DC: Agreed - there is so much diversity and character in the city! About your Brooklyn apartment, what do guests learn about you when they walk through your front door?

ASC: We’re definitely a close family. Both emotionally and in terms of physical space. There are four of us living in a one-bedroom with what we’ve coined “the megabed” (a queen and a twin bed pushed together), which means there’s never a shortage of cuddle opportunities! We’re all up in each others’ space, and we love it that way! Everything in our home is there for a reason. There’s nothing here “off limits” to our kids. No unusable decorative pillows, no knick-knacks our kids don’t end up including in their play. Hopefully what someone would pick up from walking through our space is that we lounge hard and we play hard. Everything in our house is used to spark creativity and to be comfortable enough to express ourselves.


DC: Do you have a splurge piece in your home? What made you decide you had to have it?

ASC: We're both a little obsessed with a good rug and they are the most expensive things we own. We’ve sold basically everything we’ve owned in our moves, but the rugs are some of the few items that stay with us. I think something about knowing how much time was spent on each piece makes us really appreciate them in our life of constantly changing things.


DC: It’s clear those rugs are meaningful pieces to you! Any other significant pieces on display in your home?

ASC: When we move and start settling in, the first thing we put up is shelves for our books. They’re always a part of the decor and it doesn’t feel like our home without them. The day we find a house that rivals the Beauty and the Beast library we’ll never move again! Agatha Christie, Ernest Hemingway, Carrie Fisher, Jerry Seinfeld and even Captain Underpants are considered members of our family.


DC: What overall feeling do you hope your home conveys?

ASC: Love the things you love and love them fiercely! We admire those who go all out on the things they love instead of playing it cool. When we love a book, a film or any piece of art it always ends up working its way into our decor. We don’t really decorate for holidays, but after a Stranger Things hit, we celebrated with colored lights and 80’s pop culture throughout the house.



DC: What is your favorite spot/room in your home and why?

ASC: The chair in the northeast corner of our living room with the view of the Brooklyn Bridge. The light is magical no matter the time of day and the view of the cobblestone road below always has people there taking pictures and being creative. We've watched multiple Netflix series shot here. I’m sure we’ll live in many different places in our lives, but we’re always going to be really grateful for this particular view of the world.

Don’t wait to be good at something before you start it.
— Atlas Supply CO.

DC: Your creativity and determination as a young couple and business owners is inspiring. Any advice you’d give to a young creative looking to start their own business?

ASC: Don’t wait to be good at something before you start it and definitely don’t be afraid to try on different “hats”. You might find you love something new, and maybe even that you’re good at it. Creating a business isn’t a fail or succeed situation; it’s a constant stream of failures and victories. So long as you’re willing to recognize what’s not working and try something new, it’s never going to be a failure.

Starting a business isn’t a fail or succeed situation; it’s a constant stream of failures and victories. As long as you’re willing to recognize what’s not working and try something new, it’s never going to be a failure.
— Atlas Supply CO.

When we finished chatting with this cool couple, they made it clear they have a passion for connecting and collaborating with creatives whenever they get the chance. Shoot them a direct message on Instagram if you want advice on a project or to work with them and they’d love to make something happen. 

While you’re at it, do yourselves a favor and pick up one of their minimalist backpacks that has spots for your camera, lenses, laptop, and everything else you need. They hope in fifteen years, your kids will be begging you to borrow that buttery-soft, vintage backpack.

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