A Trendy Couple Renovated an LA Spanish Classic — And It's So Good

All photos by  Madeline Tolle

All photos by Madeline Tolle

The dynamic trio behind LA-based boutique design house, Transition State , has carved out a unique niche in the design world. Merging their knowledge and passion of fashion and interiors, the three creative friends have defined a modern, artful aesthetic, rooted in effortless California ease.

Lauren Schneider, Kelli Riley and Jenna Rochon of Transition State recently helped a young LA couple turn a dated Spanish cottage into a light, fresh Southern California guesthouse and we love the juxtaposition of classic architecture (those arches!) with modern furnishings and bold colors. We asked them to share their formula for achieving this youthful yet timeless aesthetic. 


Project location: Shady Canyon in Irvine, California 

DC: Though the three of you work as team, you must each have your own specific styles. How would you describe your individual interior aesthetics?

TS: Though the three of us have a lot of commonalities, there is a slight twist on
each of our aesthetics. We all have a Californian-effortless ease to our look, but Lauren loves an artful juxtaposition, Kelli leans toward tailored details, and Jenna enjoys a modern risky moment. It’s the combination of the three that creates a unique product and interior that we enjoy most.


DC: It's totally the marriage of those three styles that gives you such a distinguishable look! How would you define the Transition State signature style that is so prevalent in this home? 

TS: We describe our style as Modern Californian Artful. We aim to always include something natural, textural and tonal with a rich color or unexpected moment of color or pattern (often seen in art or sculptural pieces).  

Photo by  Madeline Tolle
Photo by  Madeline Tolle
Photo by  Madeline Tolle
Curate and arrange a collection to make it feel intentional.

DC: You definitely achieved that! We love all of the modern lines and saturated tones. How did you ensure the home was a reflection of the client while remaining true to your aesthetic?

TS: We really listened to what the client wanted; a fresh inviting space with pops of color. We selected artful books and accessories because the client appreciated those meaningful touches. We did break from the norm and purchase a faux plant per the clients' request (so much easier to keep alive)!

Photo by  Madeline Tolle

DC: With your unique style, we assume friends and relatives are regularly consulting you for design advice. What tips do you have for someone redoing their space? 

TS: Largely, personality needs to shine through. If you are investing in redesigning your space, we always encourage people to absolutely love what they decide on. There is always a way to curate and arrange a collection to make it feel intentional. Fall in love with the piece and we’ll find it a home! Celebrate the unique!


DC: What did you love most about this project?

TS: Hands down the client. They trusted our aesthetic and provided enough insight into both their likes/dislikes and use of the space. This communication and trust allowed us to seamlessly create both a beautiful and functional interior for them.


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