Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my work as an interior designer featured by Dwelling Collective?

We'd be honored to showcase your work. Visit our submissions page, or email to discuss feature opportunities.


I'm interested in sponsored content. How do I go about this?

We offer sponsored content to select partners. If you'd like to chat about sponsorship opportunities — please email


I'd love to contribute to the Dwelling Collective site. How can I write for you?

We're always looking for contributing writers with a passion for interior design! Please send an email to with a sample of your writing if you have an idea for a piece, or simply want to introduce yourself for future opportunities. 


My home would be a great fit for your site. How do I go about sharing it?

We want to see it! Head to our submissions page to submit your home to be featured.



Are you hiring? 

If you’re a talented, passionate individual and want to be part of our team, we want to hear from you. Send us an email with your resume to and we'll keep you on file. If you're looking for an internship — send us the same email with subject: INTERNSHIP. 


I'm a photographer and would love to work with Dwelling Collective. Are there opportunities to work together? 

 Absolutely! We're always looking for interior photographers to help generate content, no matter where you're located. Send an email with photography samples to and we can talk potential opportunities.


I have a design question and would love an expert's opinion — can you help me?

We'll bring the experts to you; that's why we're here. Send your questions to 


I'm an influencer looking to restyle my space, and I'd love to work with Dwelling Collective. What is the process? 

We love to collaborate with like-minded individuals to help you create a home that reflects all that you love. If you're interested in creating

sponsored content to create the home of your dreams, email